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Music / Variety Shows

PayPal Purchase Title / Description Title & Episode
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 Add Al Jolson CD to PayPal Shopping Cart Al Jolson Details 1 59 5.00
 Add Arthur Godfrey MP3 2 CD Set to PayPal Shopping Cart Arthur Godfrey. Details 2 58 6.00
Add Bing Crosby 4 CD Set to PayPal Shopping Cart Bing Crosby Details 4 331 12.00
Add Command Performance 2 CD Set to PayPal Shopping Cart Command Performance (32/22)

Spectacular Wartime Variety.  Broadcast: 3/1/1942-12/20/1949.  Lauded by Time Magazine as "the best wartime program in America."  Produced by the War Department for direct shortwave transmission via Special Services and AFRS to troops fighting overseas.  Few people in the USA ever got to hear the program.  Normal schedule was 30min, specials were longer.

2 128 6.50
Add Dinah Shore CD to PayPal Shopping Cart Dinah Shore - Birdseye Open House

Musical Variety.  Broadcast: 1943-1946

CD179A 1 46 5.00
Add Eddie Cantor CD to PayPal Shopping Cart Eddie Cantor

Variety.  Compilation of shows from Chase and Sanborn Hour, Texaco Time, Time To Smile, Eddie Cantor Show, Wednesday With You, Pabst Blue Ribbon Show.

CD183A 1 64 5.00
Add Good News 2 CD Set to PayPal Shopping Cart Good News of 1938, 1939 & 1940 (32/22)

Musical Variety.  Broadcast: 11/4/1937-7/25/1940.  Becomes "Maxwell House Coffee Time" beginning 1940-1941 season. 60 min. until March 1940 then 30 min.   Hosts and guests were mostly all MGM movie stars of the period.

2 64 6.00
Add Jimmy Durante CD to PayPal Shopping Cart Jimmy Durante

Musical Variety.

CD188A 1 35 5.00
Add Mail Call CD to PayPal Shopping Cart Mail Call Details 1 41 5.00
Add Sealtest Variety Theater CD to PayPal Shopping Cart Sealtest Variety Theater - Complete

Musical Variety.  1948-1949, 30 min. Successor to 1947's "Front and Center" with vertually same cast.  Also known as "The Dorothy Lamour Show".

CD185A 1 41 5.00
Add Variety Miscellaneous CD to PayPal Shopping Cart Variety Miscellaneous

Big Show, Bing Crosby, Cavalcade of Music, Danny Kay, Dennis Day, Doris Day, GI Jive, GI Journal, Kraft Music Hall, Smackout, Specials, Spotlight Revue, Standard Hour, Texaco Star Theater, Victory Parade

CD083A 1 51 5.00

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