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Bobby's Digital OTR (Old Time Radio) offers a wide variety of Old Time Radio show titles. If you have never had the opportunity to listen to Old Time Radio shows, it is a wonderful and refreshing experience where your mind creates the pictures as you listen. There is a little something for everyone among Bobby's Digital OTR selections.

The various shows are provided on CDs in MP3 digital audio format. You will need Winamp or any other PC program that plays .mp3 files on your computer. Some of the recent home DVD players, car CD receivers, and portable CD players are also capable of playing MP3 files (check the manufacturer's documentation). MP3 format CDs will not play on a standard audio CD player.

The different Categories listed feature shows that many of you may remember. Through these shows you have a chance to capture a sense of the fond memories that have been associated over the years with gathering around the old family Radio, listening ever so closely so as not to miss a single word.

As you will probably notice as you look over the show titles, some shows have moved on to Television versions. Others are no longer available anywhere on today's Radio or Television. Bobby's Digital OTR brings back the warm touch of this nostalgic era by making these shows available today for us to enjoy.

Here are just a few of our titles in our OTR Library:

  • Action - Tarzan, Superman, Speed Gibson, The Chase
  • Children's - Jungle Jim, Hop Harrigan, Jerry of the Circus
  • Comedy - Fibber McGee, Great Gildersleeve, Jack Benny
  • Crime - Johnny Dollar, Dragnet, The Whistler
  • Horror - Haunting Hour, Inner Sanctum, Weird Circle
  • Mystery - Escape, Suspense, Sherlock Holmes
  • Playhouse - Campbell Playhouse, Lux Radio Theater, Mercury Theater
  • Sci-Fi - Dimension X, X Minus One
  • Variety - Al Jolsen, Bing Crosby, Eddie Cantor, Jimmy Durante
  • Western - The Cisco Kid, Gunsmoke, The Lone Ranger, Wild Bill Hickock
  • Miscellaneous - Soap Operas, The Goldbergs, You Are There
  • Complete listings under each Category.

Before purchasing from Bobby's Digital OTR, please click here to view shipping information for US and International orders, international order instructions, product guarantee, copyright information, and more.

Please READ the following before ordering any CDs from me.

To all OTR fans who visit this site and anyone else who might be visiting.  This is a hobby site, not a business, and I will cut CDs for anyone interested in collecting or just enjoying the timelessness of OTR.  I do not sell the material on the CDs, no one has the right to sell that unless they legally own the intellectual copyright or have a legal license from the copyright holder.  The fees I charge cover duplication costs, wear and tear on my equipment, postage and handling, PayPal fees, and help pay for additions to my collection as I can afford them.

Overseas orders please add $5USD for each 10 CDs ordered.  NOTE: I will ship to any country but can not be responsible for lost or stolen items.  If you are ordering from any country other than the USA, Canada or Mexico please use one of the buttons below to add the additional postage.  Please count the number of individual CDs you are ordering and submit the correct postage.   Orders without the correct postage will be automatically refunded.

Pay Foreign Postage Here

Add Foreign Postage to PayPal Shopping Cart   1-10 CDs ($  5 USD)
Add Foreign Postage to PayPal Shopping Cart 11-20 CDs ($10 USD)
Add Foreign Postage to PayPal Shopping Cart 21-30 CDs ($15 USD)
Add Foreign Postage to PayPal Shopping Cart 31-40 CDs ($20 USD)
Add Foreign Postage to PayPal Shopping Cart 41-50 CDs ($25 USD)

CDs are hand labeled and mailed in Tyvek sleeves. No CD cases or paper labels. Usual method of shipping is 1st Class Air or better depending on destination and size of order.

CD content is the same quality as those being auctioned on eBay and sold elsewhere at much higher prices. All files are virus checked using the latest virus files from NORTON ANTI-VIRUS.

All discs carry a 100% money back or replacement guarantee. If the disc, or any file on a disc, does not play on your PC CD-ROM or DVD/CD-ROM drive I will fix and replace the disc or refund your payment. I can not guarantee portable CD/MP3 players or car CD/MP3 receivers except the following which I own and can test.

Aiwa CD/MP3 Car Stereo Receiver
Apex AD-1100W Home DVD/CD player
Apple iPod 60GB w/video using iTunes for Windows
Emerson CD/MP3 Portable HD7088

Other players recommended by collectors:

Iriver SlimX IMP-550

If anyone can show copyright ownership of any files I have listed on this site I will be more than happy to discontinue selling them. I have no intention or desire to violate any copyrights. Any act on my part in this regard is purely accidental.

I am more than willing to trade for items I don't have. I will trade single CDs, whole sets, or individual files if they fit in my web space. I am only interested in English Language programs and would like trades with other countries (Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, etc.).

A complete list of all the current files in my collection in .txt and .dif (for Excel) are available for download from my "Downloads" link at the top of this page. The list includes CD Volume, Title, Episode, File Size, Run Time, Bitrates, Mode (mono/stereo).

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Trying to find logs for your Old-Time Radio Shows?
Then this where you should start looking!!!

Jerry's Vintage Radio Logs
Frank Passage OTR Logs
Every serious OTR fan should own this book.
On The Air:
The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio
by John Dunning
usually available through or other book sellers.
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